In the opened Go LIVE! panel, open the video output tab. In the first field, select YouTube Live as the stream destination.

Log in to YouTube Live with the account you will be using for streaming.

After logging in, your authorisation data will be confirmed and displayed here:

Use "Select an event […]" field to select already created or planned stream - if you have any. If you don't have any planned / created streams --> see the next step.  

To create a new stream, use the 'Add a new event" button. To edit already created/planned stream, use "Edit selected event" button (remember to select one first as mentioned above). 

When you click ADD or EDIT event, you will see a list of fields that you need to fill in order to create/edit all needed streaming details. Remember that:

  • every stream needs to have a title - its required (Event title)
  • all the rest is an option, however try to specify as many details as possible. Some of them are important. 

Now you need to save your settings - click "Accept". Youtube streaming configuration is completed now.  The stream status should look like this:

The white colour in the video output status informs you that YouTube Live is waiting to begin transfer of the video.  This part of the configuration is completed.


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