What is this widget meant to do?

This widget lets you present any products you are talking about. It displays the product image, name and price, with optional discounts, as well as a link to the product in your online shop. However - it's meant to be flexible, so you can also use this widget to present recipe ingredients or football team players. It's all just about your creativity!

How to setup this widget?

  1. Define the Title and Subtitle of your widget. This is pretty straightforward. 

  2. Set the number of products you want to display. You can display a maximum of 3 products. 

  3. For every product you can specify a set of elements, such as:

    - Title (product name)

    - Price - please remember to set the currency on your own

    - Set discount - if you want to display discounts, just turn this option ON. Sparkly will help you to do the rest.
    - If the discount is set to ON, you only need to specify either the Discounted Price or the Discount value (%). Just one of these is enough. When done, click the SET button to calculate the missing values.

    - Image - upload your product image. 

    - Link - present a link to your product via comments / live chat. The link you specify here will be automatically published as a comment (Facebook) or via live chat (Youtube), when you publish the widget. What is more - when your live video ends all links to presented products will be automatically added to you live stream description, including product names and timing when you presented them. Cool, isn't it?

  4. Now you can publish your widget. 

Feel free to check out our blog for more inspiration and streaming tips&tricks.
Have fun!

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