What is this widget meant to do?

The Comment widget lets you display the most interesting comments of your viewers. This powerful widget can be used in 2 different modes: the standard comments or manual comments mode:

  • Comment - this option collects your comments of your audience, so that you can choose which comments to display in you stream. To do that, you need to select specific comments first and then decide when to display a comment in your stream. 

  • Comment manual input - this is a great and flexible solution to display any kind of text messages in your stream. With this widget, you can simply manually upload a text to your stream defining the “author” (line 1) and “comment” (line 2) parameters.  

How to setup this widget?

Comment manual input - this is a simple solution if you don’t want to collect comments of your viewers’ comments automatically. Simply manually specify the author (this could be yourself) and a comment text to be displayed in your stream manually. 

Comment - here is where the things get more complex, but don't worry - it's still pretty simple. 

  • First of all you need to decide a way to moderate your comments. Default solution is a simplified moderation within a widget. If you wish to change that (if your stream generates high volume of comments), go to Preview and select full blown moderation panel as preferred solution. 

  • To collect comments your stream needs to be connected to Facebook or Youtube (output video in Connection Settings). Only when this is done is Sparkly is able to collect comments of your viewers’ comments.  

  • Next thing is is the moderation of the viewers’ comments - you need to select which comments are valuable to you. To do that, you can use the Sparkly Moderation Panel or simplified moderation in a widget. Anyway - you need to approve or reject comments you want to display during your stream.

    a) Simplified moderation in a widget: click select next to available comments and than just publish the widget

b) Moderation Panel: once a comment is approved, it will be available in your Comment widget to be displayed.

This is how a widget looks like with no comments approved by a moderator

This is a moderation panel: accept comments you want to display

A list of accepted comments

Now accepted comments are available in a Comment widget to be displayed

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