What is this widget meant to do?

With Sparkly, you can easily run polls among your live stream viewers. All you need to do is set up a polling widget with just a few clicks. You have several ways in which to start polling:

  • Poll - ask you audience for an opinion and gather their feedback. The number of possible answers is unlimited, however you can specify how many top answers are presented on your widget. 

  • Poll closed - you decide what the possible polling answers are and ask your audience to choose. 

All the polling widgets are based on audience answers presented in stream comments with hashtags

How to setup this widget?

  • Basic configuration consists in specifying the title and subtitle of your widget. 

  • In the Poll settings section, you can specify timing to determine when the polling takes place. This means that only hashtags (answers) presented within this timeframe will be included in your polling results. This is especially important if you run a long streaming session and want to make more than one poll with your audience 

Closed polling:

Use this widget to specify the exact polling options and just collect answers. You can specify the number of options to be presented with the Hashtags on chart parameter. When you do that, you can also define how your answers should be collected: 

  • values set manually ON - you decide what the result displayed is (default option)

  • values set manually OFF - with this option you need to be connected to you Facebook/Youtube channel so that Sparkly can collect your audience feedback. Configure API button will lead you through this process (Connection settings video output setup). 

Opened polling (Poll):

This widget is used to collect all the answers given by your audience. Use it if you want an open poll, but still – you can specify how many top answers are presented on your chart (the Hashtags on chart parameter). 

An inspiration for you: if you run a live music event, you can ask your audience to decide what the band should play. All the possible songs can be suggested by your viewers, but you can still decide to display the top 3 results on your widget.

Pro tip – it can happen that some users will misspell the hashtag names (for example some will vote for “The Beatles”, others will vote for “Beatles”). No worries – with our simple drag & drop feature, you can merge the results into one.

Feel free to check out our blog for more inspiration and streaming tips&tricks.
Have fun!

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