What is this widget meant to do?

This widget will help you to set up a timer – counting down to stream start. You can use it before starting your stream, simply to create excitement before your event. There are several ways in which you can customize your widget: set timing, change the title, upload the background image, etc. Please see the example below:

How to setup this widget?

The most important thing is to specify the timing. And you can do this in two ways in the Countdown settings section:

  • Countdown to - use it if you want to start you stream at exactly the specified hour, let’s say at 11:00. The timing displayed on the widget will be adjusted automatically to match this hour.

  • Timer - specify how much time exactly is best to start your streaming. You can specify hours/minutes/seconds. 

Other important settings:

  • Title - this text will be displayed above your timer.

  • Text after countdown finished - pretty straightforward, this text will replace your timer when the countdown ends. 


  • Logo image - will be displayed on the left side of your timer

  • Background image - image to be displayed under your timer, inside the timer box

  • Fullscreen background image - image to be displayed under your timer taking the full size of your screen. 

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Have fun!

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