In order to start streaming, the app status needs to be READY. This means that at this stage, all the configuration components should be ready and statuses marked in green or white. Otherwise, the application will remain in the OFF mode, and the Start stream button will be disabled. 

If the video source and video output configurations are correct, the app will automatically go into the READY mode.

The Start stream button will be enabled and the app will remain ready to begin streaming the video. 

Remember that the READY mode is not maintained indefinitely and after 1-2 hours, it may change to OFF. After this time, certain platforms may require you to renew your authorisation. You will be notified about this on the application screen.

After streaming starts, the steam status changes to ON AIR. The icon and potential authorization data will be highlighted with a red background.

Streaming ends after you press the Stop stream button.

Configuration options in the Go LIVE! panel will be disabled until the streaming ends.

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