To start streaming to Facebook, click Go LIVE! panel and than open the video output tab. In the first field, select Facebook as the destination.

Log in to Facebook, to the account from which the video will be streaming.

After logging in, your authorisation data will be confirmed and visible in the form.

In the field "Publish as" select  profile or a page that will be the author of your content/live stream. 

In the field "Publish to" select  your streaming destination. It could be one of the following: 

  • Facebook profile - you can stream to you Facebook profile, but remember one thing: if you want to display viewers' comments, your live streaming post needs to be public. If not, widgets using comments (Poll, Comments) will not work properly. 
  • Facebook page - stream to your Facebook page. In this case the author of live streaming post will be the page itself ("Publish as")
  • Facebook group - it is possible to stream to Facebook groups. However it is not that straightforward as the two options above. It is needed to install Sparkly app in your Facebook group. See instructions how to do that

The form will be updated with the additional fields added, which you need to complete (the fields are not mandatory, but we recommend completing them).

When the above is done, the stream status should look like this:

The white colour in the video output status informs you that Facebook is waiting to begin transfer of the video. This part of the configuration is completed.


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