To begin configuration, go to the Go LIVE! panel. In this panel, you can configure and publish your video stream on the selected streaming platform or send an enhanced video to another program or device.

The button in the upper toolbar opens the panel and stream status controls.

Press the button to see the full panel and configuration forms.

The panel is divided into two sections. The first one displays app statuses and the other displays configuration forms.

In order to begin publication of the stream via Sparkly, you will need to configure two essential components taking part in video upload: video source and video output.

  • A video source is a device or application used to stream the video. Before you start streaming, you need to connect the source to Sparkly. In Sparkly you can use several sources of video, such as: mobile phone, internal camera, external camera or app window capture.
  • A video output is usually a streaming platform such as: Facebook, Youtube or Twitch, or a different device or application receiving the video stream via RTMP. Configuration details: Connection settings - Video output

After you complete the configuration and connect the source, the application status should automatically change to READY, which means that it is ready to begin publishing the video.

If the configuration is not complete or there is a technical issue, the statuses of individual components will notify you about this.

 Read more about statuses here: Information about stream status and configuration


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